RMAF 2018: Tone Imports / Pitch Perfect Audio / Riviera Labs

We can count on Jonathan Halpern of Tone Imports to import gear that excels at reproducing music’s tone. It’s beating, bleeding heart, if you prefer. We’re looking at the tippy top of the new Meyer Tonapparate Yonna speakers ($14,500/pair), a symphony in wood and sound.

The classic and lustworthly Verdier La Platine Turntable ($13,995) with the EMT 997 12″ Tonearm ($5,995) and Sumile Stereo MC Cartridge ($8,945)
Riviera Labs AFM-50 mono amplifiers ($40,000) sitting on the Meyer Tonapparate cabinet (starts at $10,000)
Riviera APL-01 preamp ($35,000)
Neumann WV2a Phono Preamplifier (vintage and not for sale)

I hope I captured the obvious in my photos—Jonathan Halpern and Matt Rotunda’s (Pitch Perfect Audio) aesthetic is not limited to sound reproduction but is equally informed by a love of beautifully made objects and a deep appreciation of hifi history. Jonathan spun me a few LPs from Mississippi Records because he enjoys them and he knows I do too. The sound was intimate, worldly, and inspired. Bravo!