The Audiophile Library: How Music Can Make You Better by Indre Viskontas

A book for audiophiles! No, really.

From the publisher, Chronicle Books (my emphasis):

How can certain songs carry us through a tough workout, comfort us after a breakup, or unite 50,000 diverse fans? In this fascinating field guide, neuroscientist and opera singer Indre Viskontas investigates what music is and how it can change us for the better—from deep in our neurons to across our entire society.

Whether hip-hop fans, classically trained pianists, or vinyl collectors, readers will think about their favorite songs in a whole new way by the end of this book. This is a vibrant and smart gift for any audiophile.

Of course we all kinda knew that music makes us better. For one thing, Albert Ayler told us so back in 1969 with his album, Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe. Other people, like Oliver Sachs to any number of scientific studies (example), have been telling us the same thing for a long while. Come to think of it, that must be the reason why us audiophiles are so well adjusted (wink).

“Music isn’t music until the brain makes it so.”— Indre Viskontas

How Music Can Make You Better will be released tomorrow and you can order it directly from Chronicle Books (my pre-order is in). Heck, it’s worth the $12.95 just to justify the money spent on your hifi!”

“Why do spend so much money on your hifi?”
“I’m making myself better.”


Indre Viskontas, Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience, is the creative director of the Pasadena Opera, host of the podcasts Cadence and Inquiring Minds, and a professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.