Spotify Announces “HiFi” Tier: Lossless CD-Quality Streaming

As part of Spotify’s Stream On event which took place earlier today, the company has announced the impending launch of their new Spotify HiFi tier, bringing CD-quality streaming to its Premium subscribers. (BOOM)

You heard that right — Spotify Premium subscribers, and there are 144 Million of ’em as of Q3 2020 according to Statista, in select markets will be getting CD-quality streaming later this year. While that’s the extent of the details so far, i.e. no word on hi-res or market specifics, that’s plenty big news seeing as Spotify is the clear leader in the Global streaming market.

Here’s a related video I’d file under under — Damn! I didn’t see that coming:

How’s that for some HiFi marketing that can reach a new audience. Billie Eilish on the importance of sound quality is the kind of thing I’ve been hearing about as part of the hifi industry’s wish list for decades and Spotify just delivered it. For free.

Spotify Premium currently costs $9.99/month and tops out at 320kbps streaming quality and there’s no word yet on what Spotify’s CD-Quality HiFi streaming will add to Premium’s monthly cost. If anything…

You can watch the entire Stream On event on YouTube.