Review Preview: Manger S1 Active Loudspeakers

Stunning. I’ve written a lot of words about hifi this past decade+, give or take, but I don’t recall using the word “stunning” very often when it comes to hardware. I’m glad I saved it.

Part of the reason for the large gap in my reviews of late is due to getting in time with the 4 pair of active speakers I have in-barn. The first pair lined up for the full review treatment are the Dali Callisto 6 ($5,750/system) , which I’ve been enjoying these past weeks. But in order to fill that gap, I thought I’d offer a brief preview of my listening impressions of the Manger S1 Active Loudspeakers ($24,995/pair). They are, in a word, stunning.

Unlike the Dali Callisto, which come with a DAC and preamp (the “system”), you have to add your own with the Manger. Some people will look at this as a plus, others a minus. I’m using my totaldac D1-seven as DAC and preamp which is always a good thing. Of course, due to the price difference between these two pair of speakers, I’m not going to be doing a head-to-head comparison but I will be talking about differences.

Back to the Manger, they are, in a word, stunning. More to come…