Perlisten Unveils the S7t Limited Edition Loudspeakers

Perlisten is now 3-for-3 in my Favorite Speaker category, their S7t, R7t, and S5t hitting most of my likes and then some. For Munich High End 2023, the company will be unveiling the S7t Limited Edition Loudspeakers.

Outwardly, the S7t Limited Edition are wrapped in carbon fiber over HDF side panels, the radiused panels also create a moderate 8% increase in cabinet volume without increasing the speaker’s footprint. The increased volume allows for full advantage to be taken of newly designed woofer’s excursion capabilities.

The custom Perlisten isolation/damping system, developed with IsoAcoustics, are only available on the S7t-Limiteds.

the DPC Array (exploded)

From Perlisten:

We’ve revisited all of what makes the S7 great, applied what we have learned, and have pushed the state of the art just that much ­further ­forward. We have updated the ­woofers to ­increase linear excursion, lowered inductance and increased low frequency capability. The DPC-Array, while maintaining the existing drive units and pattern control, we’ve coupled all 3 transducers to a massive aluminum heatsink that takes power handling and reduced thermal compression to all new levels. Even the crossover has been ­up­dated. Now all of the components are hand sorted to 1% tolerances. Final part values and pair matching to 0.5dB will be performed at our USA head­quarters by our CEO, Dan Roemer. Each speaker will be ­measured ­using our Klippel nearfield scanner. The measurement data of each unit will be provided to the proud owner. The final step will be signing, ­certifying, and serializing each speaker.

There’s more to this story available from the Perlisten website. Price for the S7t Limited Edition is a cool $30,000/pair (yes, I’m interested).

Company Website: Perlisten
US Distributor Website: Fidelity Imports