NY Audio Show 2018: The Wrap

There are things I like about the NY Audio Show and there are things I do not like about the NY Audio Show. Let’s start with the bad.

I find the hotel dingy and cramped (and kinda stinky). Some rooms are so small, 3 people make it a crowd. Claustrophobics need not apply. There’s also a lot of shopping going on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel a bit like a used car lot when presented by an over-anxious seller, “And if you order now…”

the Vitlais Audio room

But that’s business and it’s great that the NY Show was well-attended by people interested in listening to, looking at, taping on, and buying hifi. While the overall vibe was NY, think a bit edgy and rushed, I met many a person(s) who were having a great time.

For my personal tastes, the Captial Audiofest is much more my scene but that’s the beauty of hifi—there is truly something for everyone.