News: John Atkinson To Step Down (not out) As Stereophile’s Editor

The world of hfi that we all inhabit has been shaped by many people and I am thankful that one of the more important movers and shapers has been John Atkinson. JA has been at the helm of Stereophile Magazine going on 33 years and this hifi hobby is all the better for it. Integrity, honesty, and editorial excellence are rare things in my experience and JA has been the shining light.

My father was a Stereophile reader as were most of his engineer/hifi friends. These were all MSEEs and music people so seeing the magazine in our home and theirs certainly sent a clear message—this is what people who know, read. Once I got involved in the industry as a writer, my father was certainly pleased but it wasn’t until I had an “As Wee See It” published in The Magazine, that he felt proud.

many moons ago

Thankfully, JA isn’t going anywhere as he will remain at Stereophile as Technical Editor and continue providing reviews and measurements. Jim Austin, the other JA, will take over the Editor’s seat. Art Dudley remains Depty Editor and Herb Reichert has been promoted to Senior Contributing Editor (yay!).

I’d to wish the entire team continued success and I’m sure that the editorial excellence JA upheld and enforced will continue.

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