#NewMusicFriday: November 9, 2018

Each Friday, Stephen Mejias, AudioQuest’s Director of Communications and former Stereophile and Audiostream.com columnist, will browse through the many exciting albums released that day and select 15 worth a closer listen.

There are days like this when I feel overwhelmed by all of the interesting new music releases. Where should I begin? How will I ever hear them all? How can I ever know them all?

The ones I’ve listed here are just a few—just a few!

It frustrates me.

It’s not that I’m frustrated by the wealth of great new music. I’m frustrated by the fact that I’ll never know it all as deeply as I’d like—but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?—and I’m frustrated by the fact that no matter how much time I spend searching there is still more that I’m missing, and I’m frustrated by the fact that, in this world of endlessly great new music, the high-end audio industry consciously limits itself to a relative few familiar choices.

Why is that?

Don’t answer. I know the reasons. They’re valid, but their validity doesn’t quell the frustration.

Maybe I’ll learn more at this weekend’s New York Audio Fest.

Felicia Atkinson / Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: Limpid as the Solitudes (Shelter Press)

Vessel: Queen of Golden Dogs (Tri Angle Records)

Planningtorock: Powerhouse (DFA)

Objekt: Cocoon Crush (Pan)

TSVI: Inner Worlds (Nervous Horizon)

Wume: Towards the Shadow (Northern Spy)

Smino: Noir (Interscope)

Lapalux: Above_Between_Below (Brainfeeder)

William Parker: Flower in a Stained-Glass Window & The Blinking of the Ear (Centering Records)

JD Twitch Presents: Kreaturen der Nacht (Strut)

Mick Harvey, Christopher Richard Barker: The Fall and Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors of War (Mute)

duendita: direct line to My Creator (The Vanguard Craft and Creative)

Kev Brown: Fill in the Blank (Redefinition Records)

Etelin: Hui Terra (Soda Gong)

Public Memory: Demolition (Felte)