Music Resources: 50 Miles of Elbow Room

Where we buy our music determines the music we buy. Even when buying from that giant retailer in the sky, the selection is limited. There’s simply no such thing as a place where you can find everything. This is another internet myth.

I’ve always loved the specialty store, no matter what they’re selling, where the owner(s) of the establishment imprint their tastes on everything they offer. Instead of a generic algorithm-based super store, we’re offered curated goods, where the curation is done by people — a selection limited by interests.

50 Miles of Elbow Room is one such place, and one of my favorites:

50 Miles of Elbow Room sells select vinyl, CDs, & print publications, primarily focused on blues, gospel, & free jazz.

If you have an interest in blues, gospel, and free jazz and you haven’t visited 50 Miles of Elbow Room, you want to because I guarantee you will find things that you can’t find anywhere else (and I mean anywhere else in the real world and internet sense). While 50 Miles has their own label, their stock is chock full of the rare, the unknown by most, and the I need that.

Some releases are accompanied by wonderful notes penned by Adam Lore, 50 Miles’ proprietor. Here’s one example from the New Arrivals section:

I just purchased 2 new releases which I’ll talk more about after they arrive (hint: they both feature a percussionist who taught at Bennington College).

Shop the shop: 50 Miles of Elbow Room

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