Meet the New totaldacs: d1-unity, d1-triunity, and the d1-sublime

Vincent Brient of France’s totaldac has been busy and he has three new DACs that share his new “unity” DAC architecture to show for it.

The single-box d1-unity and d1-triunity are joined by the 4-box the d1-sublime. While the new “unity” DACs share the same enclosures as other totaldac DACs, there’s a list of changes inside.

From totaldac:

The “unity” architecture allows a better clock distribution, a lower jitter, a lower R2R power supply rail impedance and a lower noise in the digital section.
The output stage is also fully new, in term of components and in term of schematics, and using discrete components exclusively.
This new output stage produced a 3.5V unbalanced signal and a 7V balanced signal with low impedance for the best versatility, to be connected to all preamps, all integrated amps and also directly to all power amps.

Brient reports,”The “unity” architecture gives more presence, more contrast between the timbre of each instrument, more contrast between the size of each instrument, more clarity at the same time as more body and more dynamic, the sound is more realistic and natural giving you more pleasure and no fatigue.”

The d1-unity employs 1 R2R DAC per side (100 Vishay Foil Resistors), the d1-triunity ups that to 3 R2R DACs per side (300 Vishay Foil Resistors), and the d1-sublime tops out at 6 R2r DACs per side (600 Vishay Foil Resistors).

The d1-sublime is comprised of 2 d1-triunity DACs in monoblock configuration, 1 special reclocker, 3-output large-box live-power power supply, and 2 UP12 AES-EBU cables to tie everything together.

In typical totaldac fashion, every existing totaldac can be upgraded to the new “unity” DAC architecture (price list difference + 350euros (per DAC box) + shipping). The new totaldac DACs are available now. I’m looking forward to getting my ears on the new d1-unity DAC some day soon. It’s in the works. Stay tuned!

Company Website: totaldac

totaldac d1-unity DAC (12500euros incl VAT in Europe, 11500euros excl VAT out of Europe)
totaldac d1-triunity (24000euros incl VAT in Europe, 22000euros excl VAT out of Europe)
totaldac d1-sublime (50000euros incl VAT in Europe, 46000euros excl VAT out of Europe)