In Barn for Review: Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC & 3R Master Time Black Star

I was impressed by what I heard and saw from Ideon Audio at the Capital Audiofest, so much so, that I asked for review samples of their Ayazi mk2 DAC and 3R Master Time Black Star USB-reclocker. And here we are.

The Ayazi mk2 DAC is built around an ESS Pro D/A converter with a reclocking Coax S/PDIF input and high speed async dual clock USB audio input. Two CCHD-957 oscillators from Crystek are employed to help reduce jitter and noise below perceptible levels according to the company.

The 3R Master Time Black Star re-clocks the USB signal using ultra-low jitter oscillators, minimizing transmission losses. The USB input offers an optional 5V of power for DACs in need. I am looking forward to getting my ears on both pieces, together and apart. Stay tuned.

Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC: $3500
Ideon Audio 3R Master Time Black Star: $3900

Ayazi mk2 DAC Specifications

DIGITAL INPUTS USB type 2 and above, SPDI/F
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz-25kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
SNR (DC to 20kHz) >112dB
SNR (A WEIGHTED 20HZ-20KHZ) >130dB on all outputs
THD+N (1kHz FS 96 kS/s) <0.002%E
USB INPUT Transfer mode: Asynchronous (dual clock) Device class: Type 2 or above Bit depth: 32 bit Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz
DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 29cm X 17cm X 8cm
SPDIF / COAXIAL INPUT Bit depth: 24 bit Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz
CONTROLS On/off switch, led indicator USB / SPDI/F input, sync led indicator
POWER REQUIREMENTS 230 / 110 V AC, 1A, 20W max
RELATIVE HUMIDITY 5-95% non-condensing
OUTPUT Stereo unbalanced impedance: 250 Ω

Specifications 3R Master Time Black Star

USB type 2.0 hi speed: 480Mb/sec
PCM, DSD Full Compatibility
OPERATING SYSTEM SEAMLESS OPERATION With USB Stack Support (no special drivers required)
USB POWER RAIL Switchable 5V on/off
Four Asynchronous Endpoint Buffers
POWER SUPPLY Triple ultra-low noise linear power supply
OUTPUT POWER 600ma ultra low noise 5 volt USB
APPLICATION Computer audio systems / DAC / ADC

Company Website: Ideon Audio
US Distributor’s Website: Audio Skies