HiFi Extremists?

I write these words with a heavy heart — Our hobby is under attack by HiFi Extremists.


noun: extremist; plural noun: extremists
a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views

What does a HiFi Extremist look like? I have no idea since most of the most extreme are anonymous ghouls that use, at times, disturbing images as profile pics.

Here’s what I can tell you — the telltale heart of every HiFi Extremist reveals itself in behavior that’s common to every extremist, no matter the cause. Namely:

Extremists tell other people what to think and what to do

I know what some of you are thinking: How can anyone, in their right mind, believe that they are in a position to tell others what to think or do when it comes to the enjoyment of music on the hifi?

I’ve troubled over this absurdity for years when all along the answer was trying to smack me in the face. People who try to tell us what to think and do are extremists, pure and simple. This behavior is, to put a finer point on it, beyond reason. Note the complete lack of joy in their doings, schadenfreude aside.

Why am I beating this seemingly dead horse today? Because the ranks of HiFi Extremists are growing in terms of Internet appeal, i.e. traffic. I’m not going to name names because doing so only serves as an endorsement and I find HiFi Extremists to be as big a threat to enjoyment as herpes.

Anyone interested in seeing the numerical evidence can simply see for themselves. Here’s how:

  1. Go to www.similarweb.com
  2. Enter the URL of any website of your choosing [footnote 1]
  3. Pay attention to “Total Visits”
  4. Pay even more attention to “Referrals”

These numbers, granted they are estimates but they work well as a general gauge, will tell you why we’re seeing some mainstream hifi sites cater to, and in some cases embrace, HiFi extremism. In a word, traffic. When comparing website traffic numbers, keep in mind that forums by their very nature get more views as compared to sites like this because forum participants, participate. Imagine if Twittering Machines had 100,000 contributors looking at their contributions nearly every day.

The next time you read someone, no matter the source, who is trying to tell you what to think or do when it comes to hifi, keep in mind there’s only one person in this big, wide, and wonderful world who has the authority to be right — you.

What’s the most effective way to deal with HiFi Extremists? Enjoy yourself — enjoyment repels extremists like sunlight on vampires — and ignore them.

  1. If you try looking up twitteringmachines.com on similarweb.com, you will see there is a lack sufficient data to show complete estimations for this website. What this means is there’s not enough history and/or not enough traffic for TM to register in their stats. What I can tell you is we enjoyed about 50,000 unique visitors in December 2020, according to Google Analytics. As another point of reference, TM had about 90,000 unique visitors/month before our year-long sabbatical.
    If, on the other hand, you look up pornhub.com, you’ll see they get a few billion more monthly visits than any hifi site.