HiFi Bargains: Save $22,500!

You’ve got to spend money to save money.

How much thought do you give to buying something for $1.00 (assuming you can actually buy something for a dollar)? How about $10? $100? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? As the zeroes grow and edge closer to our income, we necessarily give more thought to parting with our dough. This makes perfect sense.

The thing of it is, one person’s $1 is another person’s $10,000. We’re talking about the spend as a % of income (or net worth). If you’re like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos earning $321 million a day, buying a pair of $72,000 speakers is like me buying a gum ball in 1975. Simple math, yet some people react with outrage and/or consternation at the existence of 5 and 6-figure hifi as if good enough maps directly to their bank account and anything more than that is at best frivolous.

All that being said, I do have to wonder how many pairs of $75,000 JBL Everest DD67000 speakers Music Direct sells through their catalog or online. One would think that when considering spending this kind of money on loudspeakers, you’d want to hear them prior to purchase. But using my own math logic, that’s not necessarily so. Hell, I’d buy a pair of speakers for $7.50 without an audition. I’d also love to hear a pair of the JBL Everest speakers and would like to think they sound as good as they look.

The good news, for those so inclined, is you can pick up a pair of JBL Everest DD67000 speakers from Music Direct for $52,500, a savings of $22,500! And saving $22,500 must surely represent a HiFi Bargain, no?


Description: Dual 15″ (380mm), three-way, floorstanding speaker
Frequency Response: 29Hz – 60kHz (half space); 45Hz – 60kHz (anechoic)
Recommended Amplifier Power: 500 watts
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 96dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms; 5.0 ohms @ 80Hz; 3.0 ohms @ 40kHz
Crossover Frequencies (Hz): 150Hz (LF1 6dB/octave) 850Hz (LF2 24dB/octave) 20kHz (UHF 24dB/octave)
Ultrahigh-frequency Drive Components: 1″ (25mm) pure-beryllium compression driver
High-frequency Drive Components: 4″ (100mm) pure-beryllium compression driver
Low-frequency Drive Components: Dual 15″ (380mm) three-layer, pure-pulp sandwich/foam core cone woofer
Dimensions (HWD): 43.7″ x 38″ x 18.5″
Weight: 313 lbs.