HiFi Bargains: AudioQuest PowerQuest 3

Clean power is nothing to sneeze at.

The AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 ($299.99) offers a total of 8 outlets, broken down into 2x 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets, 2x High-Current Outlets, and 4x Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets. The PowerQuest also provides signal line protection for your Phone, Network, and Cable/Satellite connections. If that’s not enough, the 4x USB charging ports make it one power hungry device. It also happens to make your system sound better when you plug everything in it into it, making the PowerQuest 3 one powerful HiFi Bargain.

Here’s some additional advice, courtesy of AQ:

4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter: Best when connected to video screens, televisions, projectors, or universal players.

OUTLETS 2, 3, 6, 7
Ultra-Linear Filter: Best when connected to audio/video source components, computers, modem, or router.

High-Current: Best when connected to soundbar, power amplifier, audio/video receiver, or subwoofer.

I used the PowerQuest in a number of reviews where I needed its dual High-Current outlets for powered / active speakers (Dynaudio Focus 30 XD, KEF LS50, Manger S1, and Dali Callisto 6 C) and in every case, everything sounded better with than without. I also wrote about a number of AQ power products, including the PowerQuest, in a post titled Everything Matters: AudioQuest Power Products back in 2019.

You can get the PowerQuest 3 from any number of online sellers (Google is your friend) or from your local AQ dealer.

Company Website: AudioQuest