Happy Holidays and A Nice (new) HiFi Ad

Here’s the text that goes along with the image:

Can’t bear to send your old stand-alone speakers to the Island of Misfit Toys?
Connect:Amp allows you to incorporate your favorite bookshelf or floor-standing speakers into the Sonos experience. Stream music or use line-in to connect a turntable or Amazon Alexa device.

This Amazon ad arrived in my Inbox and I thought—Nice ad! The image is appealing as it shows a peek into a real life (where hifi fits in) and the text is short and sweet with just a touch of the technical.

HiFi ad c.1960

Do you remember when hifi ads used to be fun? Even a little racy?

HiFi ad c.1960

I have a complete set of HiFi Review magazine from 1960 and it’s such a pleasure to look (and read) through. There are tons of music reviews and music ads…

…suggesting that music is the point of this wonderful hobby. Of course there are reviews and comparisons but the marriage of hifi to music is ever-present.  The good old days and something we here at TM aspire to: The good new days.

As 2018 comes to a close and TwitteringMachines enters its 6th full month of existence(!), my thoughts for the new year are straight forward—More. More reviewers, more reviews, more music, and more art&culture.

I want to send out a huge hug of a thank you to everyone who has found TwiiteringMachines and decided to stick around. Here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and a beautiful exciting and joy-filled New Year!