Eva Hesse on PBS

German-born NYC-raised artist Eva Hesse was a force to be reckoned with. Her work, sculpture, painting, and drawing, made mostly during the 1960s has been tagged “Postminimalism” by the Critics, the differentiating factor from regular old minimalism being “mirth and jokiness”, “unmistakable whiff of eroticism,” and its “nonmechanical repetition” according to Arthur Danto.

Hesse was also know for her adventurousness when it came to her choice of materials which included latex, plastics, and fiberglass. If you look at her work, preferably in person, there is a sense of layered mystery / meaning coupled with an almost aching human tactility setting off a tug of war between the intellectual and sensual within the viewer.

Untitled, 1967

PBS first aired their documentary on Hesse on 8/31/2018 as part of the American Masters / Artists Flight Series.

Sans II, Fibreglass. 1968
Pencil, acetone, varnish, enamel paint, ink, and Ringaround Arosie, cloth covered electrical wire on papier-mâché and masonite. 1965

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Opening image: Accession II, galvanized steel and vinyl. 1969