CAF 2018: Zu Audio

The Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend [Mk.II] speakers (the smaller one) cost $999.99, shipping included. From what my ears and eyes tell me, that’s a screaming good deal.

The Zu Audio room at CAF 2018 was. . .big. Really big but these speakers, even more so with the larger Definitions (from 16,900.00), filled the space without a hiccup (even without a sub) driven by a single Mytek Brooklyn amp (screaming good deal #2 @$2,495).

Zu’s Sean Casey always spins vinyl DJ-style at shows and I always hear something new (to me) and something I want to hear again. And I’m not alone—at some point Sean asked the crowd what they’d like to hear and someone immediately responded, “We come in here to hear what you play.” Ditto, that.

One winner in this category was Beck’s One Foot In The Grave.