CAF 2018: The Wrap

What a great show. What a great show the Capital Audiofest is. Lots of friendly happy people, a panoply of hifi, and real good music being enjoyed by many. What more can you ask for?

I say not much. Once again, if the vast array of the products offered on the road to music reproduction don’t illustrate the fact there is no single right way, then reality must not hold your interest.

A few things of note—turntables everywhere! I would attribute this to nothing more or less than people realize listening to records is very satisfying.

Clearly, hifi comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices and there’s no one-size fits all for any of these things. One person’s affordable is another’s are you kidding me? One person’s damn, that’s ugly is another’s sweetheart. Live and let enjoy.

As hifi consumers we have but one job to do—enjoy music. If you want to go one step further, share the music you enjoy and I’m very happy to say there was a lot of that going on at CAF 2018.