CAF 2018: Tenacious Sound

Retailer Tenacious Sound also had a number of rooms at RMAF 2018 and I’m going to agree with my friend Art Dudley, again, in picking this room as my favorite of the Tenacious bunch. Here’s Art—”It was sonically wide-open—the system would not have wanted an atom more treble, but it was smooth and fine and inviting just as it was—and musically soul-refreshing: I almost cried.”

The system I heard included the Fiekert Volare turntable (starting price of $3,495 which includes an Origin Live Silver tonearm), Primare Pre35 preamplifier ($4,495), Coda S20 amplifier ($5,495), and the magical TAD ME-1 loudspeakers ($14,995/pair). Of course the gear is important but of equal (or greater) importance is this system was locked into the room so that the room and thoughts of reproduction disappeared. Bravo!