“Oedipus, Shmedipus, I love you, momma.”: A Cable Appreciation

Cables. Every person in the whole wide world that owns a hifi comprised of more than one box needs cables.

In some circles, cables are treated like a necessary evil — close your eyes, hold your nose, throw a dart, and pick something sensible. Something cheap, nothing too fussy, and nothing with little arrows that suggest which end goes where. If witch trials were still a thing, many a reviewer would have come to fiery ends over cables. At least those reviewers willing to admit cables exist.

Why the controversy? Here’s one thing about cables — you can’t measure ’em like you measure a component or speakers, because their efficacy is room/system (and listener) dependent — as are components and speakers, but that’s another matter.

As regular readers know, I’m putting together a system suited for reviewing big speakers. Even really big speakers. As part of this process, new gear will be arriving, and among the first bits to enter the barn is a shiny new pair of AudioQuest Robin Hood ZERO speaker cables ($1790/8ft. pair). As I do with everything new, I put it into my system and listened. And what I heard was remarkable, which is why I’m telling you about it.

The speaker cables Robin Hood replaced are the wonderful Tellurium Q Black II ($398/8ft. pair), which I’ve owned and used for years and will continue to use with more modestly priced systems. Imagine my surprise, my shock, my horror (I added that for effect), to find that the AQ Robin Hood speaker cables delivered more of my music through the DeVore Fidelity O/93 speakers. More bigger better bass — O so round! — more refinement, more of music’s guts.

While I’m not ready to declare love, I am ready to report that my music is more lovable now that Robin Hood are in the house (Barn).

Company Website: AudioQuest

“Oedipus, Shmedipus, I love you, momma.” — Robin Williams