Album of the Week: Tomberlin | Projections

Watch out for the quiet ones.

Sarah Beth Tomberlin has seen her career jolt from working at a Verizon store to performing on Jimmy Kimmel with the release of her first album, 2018’s At Weddings. Projections is her new 5-song EP, released on Saddel Creek Records which is also home to Adrianne Lenker and Big Thief, and its a quiet, private journey we’ve been invited to witness.

Projections was co-produced by Alex G and Sam Acchione and the arrangement of guitars, keys, violin, bass, and drums is sparse giving full focus on  Tomberlin’s voice and words.

From “Sin”:

And we never should’ve left that room
And we never should’ve said hello
Cause I miss you when you go
I mean I don’t mind sinning if it’s with you
I don’t mind sinning if it’s with you

Say a prayer (say a prayer)
Lay your hands on me
I just wanna be clean
I just wanna be clean

Attention moves from the macro to the banal over the course of a song and each step taken is done so with a mix of trepidation and elation. Newfound freedom can be dangerous, moving from private to societal, and Sarah Beth Tomberlin captures the war between these worlds perfectly on Projections.