Album of the Week: Snail Mail | Valentine

I envision the entire world acting as one, once they hear Snail Mail’s new record, Valentine. Its that good.

That’s the wonderful thing about imagination — anything can happen.

To my mind, Lindsey Jordan as Snail Mail is making great music. Period. Valentine, her sophomore release, is more complex than Lush, her debut from 2018, but its just as bold and even more brilliant. Brilliant in the diamond sense of that word since you’d have to be brilliant to attach the other definition to Valentine, and I’m not that qualified.

Valentine was written and produced by Lindsey Jordan and co-produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Waxahatchee).

The star of the show however is Lindsey’s voice. Her vocals and words are rawer, deeper, snarlier, and more feeling than ever before.

While I hate to be argumentative, I just can’t agree with that blurb because these are wonderful songs that comprise an even more wonderful album. Saying her voice is the star of the show is like suggesting the moon is the star of the sky.

What I know for sure is my LP is in the mail, snail mail, and I cannot wait to give it a spin again and again until the world stops and restarts a better place for Valentine.