Album of the Week: Sarah Mary Chadwick | Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby

: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction

I don’t what what they put in the water in Australia. Stella Donnelly, Courtney Barnett, Aldous Harding, Kathleen Malay (Ora Iso), Kylie Minogue, Sarah Mary Chadwick to name just a few.

I’ve been enjoying, is that the right word?, Sarah Mary Chadwick’s music since 2015’s 9 Classic Tracks but Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby , released on Ba Da Bing Records last month, kicks everything up a notch. Simple and raw like an open wound that keeps getting scratched, Ennui tells some painful stories from abuse to suicide. And these aren’t fictional tales about made up characters, they are Sarah Mary Chadwick exorcising demons in song.

Piano and vocals are the only tools in this album’s workshop yet the range of emotion is orchestral in scope.

2019 saw Chadwick endure the breakup of a long term relationship and attempt her own life just weeks before the Ennui recordings. These events followed the deaths of her father and a close friend, and it’s from this weighty internal mire that Chadwick emerges throughout the trilogy. Imaginably, the result is staggeringly abject. But the incandescent nature of her will, knack for reportage and searing dark humor sets fire to the world she describes over these 12 songs.

From pain comes beauty.