Album of the Week: My Disco

Sometimes songs irritate me—melody, hooks, lyrics, and heaven forbid, a guitar solo. Sometimes I want, need?, noise. The more industrial, the better. Enter My Disco’s new album Environment in the nick of time.

From an interview in The Quietus:

With the way the sound of My Disco is going, is the logical endpoint complete silence?

MD: Silence is sexy.

As a devoted Einstürzende Neubauten listener, I smiled when I read this reference because Environment, released on Downwards Records, certainly makes reference to the boys from Berlin.

With a sound like that, who needs words. Silence certainly plays an important role in this music, as it opens things up to the space of imagination while adding tension. Suspense is sexy.

I prefer to listen to this kind of music in inky black darkness so that the music creates the space I inhabit. Environment is a fascinating sound-rich world that allows for menace, exploration, and disorientation, three of my favorite things.

You can purchase My Disco’s Environment as an LP or download from a number of places including Boomkat.