Album of the Week: Lucy Railton | Corner Dancer

Mystery seems in short supply these days and to my mind for no good reason.

Lucy Railton’s Corner Dancer is all mystery, the kind of mystery that comes with the indefinable, the kind of mystery that comes from the deeply personal born out in new music form. I’ve been digesting Corner Dancer since an advance copy arrived in my inbox, my favorite kind of arrival, back in September and it still feels unknown, or unknowable, which describes some of my favorite kinds of things.

Crafted from cello, viella (a medieval cello), Buchla, Roland TR-808, a fan, synths, horse hair whips, a hand held harp and her own voice all tweaked to the limits of sound, this is space re-defining, brain reorganizing powerful stuff.

Corner Dancer, released on Modern Love on November 10, is available from fine record stores like Boomkat.