Album of the Week: Love Joys | Reggae Vibes

Originally released in 1981, Love Joys Reggae Vibes remained out of print for 20 years, seeing the light of day once again in 2002 with a CD-only release on Wackies. Vinyl lovers had to wait until 2014 for their version of this lover’s rock and roots classic.

Back in the 1980’s, I spent a few of winter’s coldest months in the BVI, staying at a campground situated on its own beach in Tortola. Infrequent trips to town for food also included a stop in the local music shop to grab a mix tape mashed up by its proprietor. Coupled with a beach front dance club just a mountain and beach away, past what was rumored to be a getaway for ELO’s Jeff Lynne, I was blissfully submerged in the music of the islands.

When things heat up, and boy have they (in climactic change fashion), I tend to reach for some reggae. While I’m a fan of the obvious, I also love coming across lessor known gems like Reggae Vibes. Love Joys were cousins Sonia Abel and Claudette Brown originally of Brixton, England, but they recorded this breezy lovers-ly roots record after their move to the US in Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes’ Bronx studio in 1981.

Pull up a hammock and a rum punch and relax into Reggae Vibes. Available in download form from 7digital and on vinyl from most places that sell it.