Album of the Week: Kelly Lee Owens | Inner Song

Kelly Lee Owns second album, Inner Song, is a sonic smorgasbord of delight.

Fusing techno, near-minimalist looping electronics, pop sensibilities, and lush dreamy vocals, Inner Song is a beautiful and revelatory listen. I can’t help but think, or feel, that Owens is gently, and not so gently, nudging the listener into a meditative state where times dissolves into delicate patterns of sound.

Listen (and watch) the track “On” where the lyrics wrap and re-wrap around themselves, turning words into sounds that melt into music.

Lovely, isn’t it? But as is the case with any album, Inner Song, which was released on Smalltown Supersound on August 28, 2020, can only tell its story if you give it a listen straight through. Due to its style-shifting nature, Inner Song damn near demands this and its beauty begs for repeat plays.

Color me delighted.