Album of the Week: Keeley Forsyth | Debris

Debris is actor/musician Keeley Forsyth’s debut album. Its roots having grown from a dark place, “There was a lot going on in my life that was heavy and hard,” with words and sounds reaching toward the light.

Forsyth composed these songs accompanying herself on harmonium and accordion, if you’re already thinking about Nico I don’t blame ya, and some of my favorite tracks on this rather sparsely populated record are the simplest:

Forsyth is joined by Sam Hobbs (Fender Rhodes, synthesisers, drums & percussion, programming), Mark Creswell (guitar, bass), and Matthew Bourne (piano, harmonium, LAMM Memorymoog, cello) but the star of this show, the standout, is Forsyth’s voice and lyrics.

Can’t I be a crow or a raven
Or even maybe
The space around its wings

I can’t help but feel February in these songs, a cold, windswept, colorless landscape where most things have died or gone into hiding. A contemporary Winterreise.

Debris was released on The Leaf Label in January of 2020.