Album of the Week: Home Is Where | I Became Birds

“I want to pet every puppy I see.”

this album is dedicated to anyone & everyone who has struggled / is struggling with their gender identity

I’ve never struggled with gender identity, but anyone who has confused a window with a mirror has likely, at one time or another (and another), struggled with identity. Home Is Where whispers, mourns, and screams their way through the 18 beautiful searing stirring minutes of I Became Birds, their debut EP on Knifepunch Records, released back in March of this year.

Home Is Where is:

Josiah Gardella – drums
Trace George – guitar
Brandon MacDonald – tantrum, harmonica, singing saw
Connor “Tat Slaps” O’Brien – bass

And they are joined by a number of musicians for the making of I Became Birds:

Matt Goings – synth, tambourine
Wes Meadows – horns
Christiana Patterson – violin
The Puppy Petter Choir  – backing vox

According to my age, this is post-punk, all wily, shy, sad, aggressive, and angry and Brandon MacDonald’s vocals carry these 6 short songs with chameleon-like grace. This is music that hurts and heals, touching and prickly, with words used like colors to picture a way out.

From “Long Distance Conjoined Twins”:

Hey, Samantha
Let’s swallow all the lightbulbs
In the living room and spit shine our shoes
So when our necks break
And our heads snap loose
We can see the clouds
In the tips of our boots

And from “The Scientific Classification of Stingrays”:

Wash it down with a rifle
Or a uniform of gasoline
Leave nothing for the flies

And from “The Old Country”:

Will you teach me
How to die?
I have a whole lifetime
To learn