Album of the Week: Guts

90+ degree heat for days on end changes things. Like moods and the music we listen to.

It’s like food. Look at the things people eat in different climates and you’ll see that weather effects diet. The same goes for the colors we choose to paint our homes—the more naturally colorful the place, the more colorful the home’s colors. Then again, interconnectedness and homogenization is changing all that which is really too bad. Thankfully, there’s still some culture left…

Ibiza, Spain-based French Producer Guts is new to me but Philantropiques, released earlier this year, is his 6th album to date. Here Guts is joined by a host of musicians from around the globe including Zum Zum, Catia Werneck, Djeudjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, Pat Kalla, Black Sage, Pinduca & Nazaré Pereira, Emma Lamadji & Kandy Guira and Amanda Roldan. Together they make joyous, beat-infested worldy music that makes you feel really good about working up a sweat.

Pour your favorite summertime cocktail, take off some clothes, and put Philantropiques on repeat for a real taste of the southern hemisphere’s musical delights.