Album of the Week: CARM

Some Fridays are easier than others.

The search for the Album of the Week is, at times, not a search at all — its simply a matter of writing things down about the music I’ve been listening to. Other times, the search is on for any number of reasons but the main one is the desire for something different, something new. So while I’ve playing Maggie Rogers, Skullcrusher, Kid Loala’s Music To Draw To series (highly recommended), it wasn’t until I happened upon “Land,” a single from CARM’s self-titled debut (as such), that features Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon’s lyrics and vocals, where I had the aha! moment I was looking for.

CARM is trumpeter and yMusic co-founder CJ Camerieri and CARM collaborators reads like as who’s who of indie culture:

Featuring guest vocals by Sufjan Stevens, Shara Nova, Justin Vernon, Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, Lupin, Cliff Rhymes, and Benson Ramsey.

Also featuring Mouse on Mars, Francis Starlite, Jake Hanson, Mike Boschen, Chris Bierden, Mark McGee, Amati, Joe Westerlund, Dustin Zahn, Alex Nutter, Trever Hagen, Nick Camerieri, Hideaki Aomori, Mick Rossi, Bryan Nichols, Rob Moose, Gabe Cabezas.

That’s a big cast of characters but Camerieri weaves them into his music with the deftness of a horn player (you can guess who I’m thinking about). From album opener “Song of Trouble” featuring Sufjan Stevens through album closer “Land”, there’s a world of orchestrated wonder that sparkles with largess. There’s plenty of drama and scale on CARM, and Camerieri’s trumpet-center expands the indie music sound vocabulary to touch Morricone, Miles, and more.

CARM was released today on 37d03d.