Album of the Week: Andy Stott | Never The Right Time

Imagine one of those competition TV shows, but instead of dancing or singing with a costume, contestants have to make music with all manner of things that aren’t normally used to make music.

If such a show existed, and Andy Stott played, he would be one of the all time highest scoring winners. Because everything he touches turns into beautiful.

Never The Right Time is Andy Stott’s new record, released on Modern Love today, and it features Alison Skidmore, Stott’s piano teacher from age 15, on vocals. Glitch, twitch, boom, and rattle, Never The Right Time exists in a fresh space between genres, blending monstrous beats with pop song sensibilities. While there’s danger here, its mixed with a warm embrace.

Moving melancholy.


You can get Never The Right Time in the format of your choice — file, CD, LP — from Boomkat.