Album of the Week: Ana Roxanne | Because of a Flower

Because of a Flower is the stunning sophomore release from sonic sorceress Ana Roxanne.

Ana Roxanne defies classification, a lot of good music does, so I’ll let the label, Kranky, explain:

It’s an appropriately interstitial vision of ambient songcraft, a chemistry of wisps and whispers, sanctuary and sorrow, conjured through a fragile balance of voice, bass, space, and texture.

Sounds about right but I would add dreamy and creamy. A similar kind of dreamy that Grouper brings to the table along with Julianna Barwick’s creamy vocals. While my mind doesn’t end the “reminds me of” there, I have a theory that the more we love something, the more interconnections we tend to find with other things we love but the more we enumerate, the more personal and tenuous these connections become. OK, it’s a working theory.

Seeing as you can listen to the entire album right here and now, the reluctant music critic in me thinks the best advice I can offer is to give Because of a Flower your undivided attention all the way through. If you want a clean take, unencumbered by musical baggage, and we all carry that around, rinse and repeat.