Our review policy is simple and straightforward—we choose what to review based on interest, ours and yours. When review gear arrives at the Barn (pictured) or another reviewer’s home, it stays for approximately 2 months during which time we listen to it.

We compare the things we review to, ideally, similarly-priced components.

Every TM reviewer owns his/her hifi and this hifi is used as a basis for comparison. Obviously this system is also where review gear is inserted for the review process. All reviewer systems will be detailed on the reviewer’s page.

Our main goal when writing a review is to communicate as best we can how a given component reproduces music. This process necessarily involves personal preferences which we will make clear in the review, including the music we like to listen to. Knowing what we choose to own and listen to is a very important peek at preference.

The only influence on this review process and experience is the experience itself—every piece of review gear is ultimately judged by the experience of living with and listing through it. Our most important job is to communicate this experience as clearly as possible. so you can determine if its of interest.

Last and certainly not least is enjoyment. Listening to music is a joy and this aspect of the hifi hobby is one of things we are passionate about.

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