In Barn for Review: Perlisten R7t Tower Speakers

The very first pair of the new Perlisten R7t Tower Speakers to enter the US of A are in Barn for review. The BIG question: How much of the Perlisten S7t (review) do the R7t deliver for about half the price?

While Perlisten’s Patent Pending DPC-Array sits center stage in R series, the silk diaphragms used in the midrange and treble drivers have been developed ground up to match the mixed long fiber hardwood, Bamboo, and wool 165mm woofers (x4).

Like the S7t, the R7t offers two pair of binding posts for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

As you can see, the R7t bear more than a passing resemblance to S7t with drivers mounted to a curved front baffle, with the speakers sitting on a super study thick steel plate base with four footers sporting brass details. The R7t are bottom ported just like big brother.

the S7t (left) is slightly larger, taller and deeper, than the R7t

The R7t comes in two standard finishes: Piano black and Gloss white.

Perlisten R7t Tower Speakers
Price: $4995/each

Company Website: Perlisten Audio
US Distributor Website: Fidelity Imports