In Barn for Review: Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier

The Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier ($6695 basic to $8195 loaded) combines two Bryston products, the BP-17 preamplifier and 2.5B Cubed amplifier, in one chassis. Now that’s integration!

The Bryston B135 offers six line-level RCA inputs plus a tape-loop input and a pair of 5-way binding posts. The true dual-mono amplifier section produces 135 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 180 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The company offers two optional modules to add MM phono input (replaces one of the line level inputs) and a 24bit/192kHz-capable DAC module (2x Coax S/PDIF and 2x Toslink). A pair of switches on either side of the back panel allow you to bypass the B135’s preamplifier or amplifier sections for use with an outboard amplifier or preamplifier.

The thick aluminum front panel, which comes in silver or black and 17″ and 19″ versions (non-rack mountable), offers buttons for input selection, balance control, mute, and power which are joined by a volume control knob and a 1/4″ headphone jack for the independently buffered headphone output.

The machined and anodized aluminum enclosure sports some heft heat sink fins on either side allowing for heat dissipation (i.e. no noisy fan). The Bryston B135 Cubed Integrated Amplifier weighs in at a hefty 27lbs and comes with Bryston’s industry-leading 20 Year Warranty.

From the company:

All Cubed Series electronics feature a new patented input circuit that is precisely optimized and linear beyond any we’ve used before. Featuring twelve active devices in a groundbreaking array, this new circuit both matches the amplifier to virtually any preamplifier and provides the first 6dB of gain. The new input stage is so transparent, its measurable distortion is less than 1/1000th of 1 percent!Newly designed circuitry in the Cubed Series amplifiers is virtually impervious to noise such as RFI and others induced by external and environmental causes. Our patented Salomie Circuit features a unique method of trapping distortion components in the main signal path that pass through other amplifiers only to be amplified and played by your loudspeakers. Our innovative distortion reduction method results in a much more natural and nuanced rendition of your recordings—playback more true to the original recordings and more enjoyable to your ears.

The review sample comes full loaded with the optional MM phono and DAC modules so it’s ready to roll (and rock).

Company Website: Bryston Ltd.