CAF 2021: Volti Audio & Border Patrol & Triode Wire

Volti Audio and Border Patrol have shared a room each time I’ve visited the Capital Audiofest and they go together like peanut butter and bananas.

Featuring the easy to drive, 97dB sensitivity Volti Audio Razz Speakers ($5900 – $6900 depending on finish) powered by the Border Patrol P21 EXD Push/Pull 300B Stereo Amplifier (from $13,150) and the company’s DAC SE-I (starts at $1075 see review) handling the bits served from an Innous Zenith Zen MK3 and Phoenix USB reclocker combo with cabling from Triode Wire, music was smooth, powerful, and rich, filling the room with effortless ease.

Fun fact: peanut butter and bananas are better for you than peanut butter and jelly.