CAF 2021: Linear Tube Audio | Spatial Audio Lab

Linear Tube Audio and Spatial Audio Lab, with help from Kitsune Hifi and Anticables, were making some sweet sounds at CAF 2021.

The Spatial Audio M4 Sapphire speakers ($4200/pair) were in play when I was in room, but you can also see one of the X4 Premium Open Baffle Speakers ($7000/pair) peeking out from behind.

The LTA Z40+ Integrated Amplifier ($7650) provided power, while the smooth operator Holo Audio May KTE DAC ($5598 see review) unraveled the 1s and 0s.

Have I mentioned I’m a fan of simple systems? A fine integrated amplifier, source, cables, and speakers can bring home the musical goods to a very satisfying degree as was the case here.