CAF 2021: Genesis Advanced Technologies & Merrill Audio

You know the whole ‘source first’ point of view? While I’m not all that interested in debating deeply held beliefs, let me gently suggest that music is the most important source of all.

Speaking of sources, the Genesis Advanced Technologies Record Player ($150,000) — which includes the ‘table, 14″ Wand Of Origin Tonearm, Platinum Premium phono stage, cabling and rack — was paired with an Ortofon MC Anna Diamond Cartridge ($10,499).

The Merrill Audio Christine Reference Preamplifier ($12,500) delivered its output to a pair of Merrill Element 118 Monoblock Amplifiers ($36,000/pair) which powered a pair of Genesis Maestro Loudspeakers ($40,000/pair). Genesis also supplied the system cabling while AudioQuest Niagara Power Conditioners delivered clean power.

NJ-based dealer and distributor Larry Borden of Distinctive Stereo, who shared the room with Brooklyn-based Living Acoustics, saw me coming and had a big treat in store. Cue head-banging:

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go / Bismillah! No, we will not let you go

Queen took over the the large Frederick Room at CAF 21, exploding into space like a force to be reckoned with. I’m talking big, bold, loud (but not too loud) room-engulfing lovely concert-level sound that reached in and tickled my adrenal gland into action. Fight, flight, or Freddie! A truly thrilling ride. A few of us broke out in applause as Any way the wind blows…dropped off into silence. Bravo!