Album of the Week: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis | Carnage

Nick Cave describes Carnage, his new album with soundtrack, Bad Seed, and Grinderman collaborator Warren Ellis thusly — a brutal but very beautiful record nested in a communal catastrophe.

Communal catastrophe. We all know what Cave is taking about, and by all I mean most people on this Earth. You would think a globally shared catastrophe would bring us together, fighting for the common good, but that shit only happens in fairy tales and musicals.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis have seemingly become a singular music making machine. Their soundtracks for films including Wind River, The Proposition, and The Road stand as testament to their bottomless well of creative flow and Carnage adds another chapter to what we all hope will be a long and beautiful friendship.

Anyone familiar with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Grinderman, or the above mentioned music for film work will feel right at home in Carnage. While my personal preference would have asked for a bit more of the brutal, I’ll take what Carnage has to give and like all of Cave & Ellis’ music, there’s plenty to dig, Lazarus, dig!!!

I’m sitting on the balcony
Reading Flannery O’Conner
With a pencil and a plan
This song is like a rain cloud
That keeps circling overhead
Here it comes round again
And it’s only love
With a little bit of rain
And I hope to see you again

Carnage, the new soundtrack from Cave & Ellis for our shared catastrophe, is available now via streaming with hard copies available for pre-order from the Nick Cave Store.