Album of the Week: Laura Cannell | Midwinter Processionals

Not all music made in a church is church music.

Laura Cannell’s Midwinter Processionals is one example, recorded in Norwich Cathedral in Norfolk, UK (c.1145) and featuring Cannell on violin, overbowed violin, bass recorder, double recorders and synths; for the first time marrying up her love for big resonant spaces and accompanying herself with epic synths through drones, melodies and medieval harmonies. 

The violin and recorder parts were recorded ‘live’ with the rest coming after in Cannell’s Suffolk studio.

“As the last of the autumn sun disappeared out of sight over Tombland, a darkness was cast across the centuries old stones that lay worn and marked from the thousands of processions that have taken place in the cathedral. I add my own procession, but it is for outside of this space. A procession to keep us moving forwards. I am not interested in going backwards, recreating the past or staying in one place. I want to make music that I can carry with me into new emotional landscapes and feelings.” Laura Cannell November 2023

Listen in(to) the (vast) darkness and you may find your spirits lifted, floating above earthly concerns.