Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) & Qobuz: Artist-Approved Sound

Artists promoting good sound is a good thing.

From the Qobuz press release:

Coyne will serve as an artist ambassador for Qobuz, appearing in a number of video pieces to be released over the next 6 months. He’ll be curating playlists and engaging with the acclaimed Qobuz editorial team on a number of initiatives.

And here’s Wayne Coyne:

“It’s always cool to be working with someone who cares about quality sound. Qobuz helps make the thick, complicated, nuanced arrangements and music come through better. Qobuz reminds me of listening to my favorite college radio DJs in the early 80’s, who really knew their music and cared about turning us on to it.“

Of course, artists promoting good sound is as old as recorded music:

When you hear Caruso on the Victrola in your home, you hear him just as truly as if you were listening to him at the Metropolitan Opera House. . .The proof is in the hearing.

Some things never change.

I’m thrilled to see artists embracing sound quality and being vocal about it. We had Billie Eilish and Finneas touting the benefits of a good hifi for that other streaming company (I’m not a fan) and I hope this age old trend continues. Why? Because the quality of our experiences is worth caring about.

Company Website: Qobuz