Watch Out WiiM: FiiO Announces the $99 SR11 Streaming Music Receiver

How low can you go?

FiiO answers with the new $99 SR11 Streaming Music Receiver that comes Roon and AirPlay ready with dual-band WiFi and hard wired Ethernet as inputs. On the output side, there’s a fairly full suite of options including optical, coax, USB Type-A and USB Type-C digital outputs (there are no analog outputs so you need to connect the SR11 to a DAC).

the SR11 includes an LCD display that shows the incoming music’s sample rate

99 bucks to add streaming capabilities to your hifi sure sounds like a nice price for those looking to dip a toe without paying an arm and leg.

Here’s the press release from FiiO:

FiiO announces SR11 Streaming Music Receiver
The SR11 joins the K11 DAC and headphone amp to create a powerful, compact sound system at an affordable price point.

The SR11 is a high-performance lossless streaming music receiver which is ideal for plugging in to a legacy hi-fi system, radio or active speakers and allows you to access all your favourite streaming services.

The size makes it a perfect companion to the K11 DAC (£119/$119) and headphone amp which creates a headphone based hi-fi system small enough to fit on any desk or bedside table.

The award-winning FiiO FT3 and FT5 headphones are a perfect match. The SP3 BT speakers create a fully fledged hi-fi system too. A remote control is included which makes everything easy, whether you want to operate via your phone or the dedicated remote control.

The SR11 supports AirPlay and is Roon Ready. Pair with any phone, laptop or tablet for a smooth and convenient listening experience. Dual-band wi-fi means maximum speed and reception for larger homes. An ethernet socket completes the comprehensive online support.

The optical, coaxial, USB Type-A and USB Type-C digital outputs ensure that you can easily connect to the device of your choice for streaming from your favourite service and enjoy TIDAL, Apple Music and Amazon Music in high resolution. The SR11 supports 768kHz/32 bit files and DSD 256.

The SR11 features a custom LCD display screen, aluminum alloy body and digital cables and power cables are supplied in the box.

FiiO PR Richard Melville at Starscream Communications says “FiiO fans have been asking for a streamer for a while and, like many FiiO products, I think it sets a new benchmark for the price and is a first step into hi-fi for some and a convenient add-on to legacy or desktop systems and the growing base of active speakers. The fact that it packs in so many features and works seamlessly with the FiiO app will allow FiiO to ruffle some feathers in the hi-fi market”.

FiiO SR11 RRP: $99

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