The Sonore Power Chord Supports: One Cup or Two

Let’s face it — as time goes by, things droop. Especially if they’re heavy. If you suffer from sagging power cords, Sonore offers the support you need.

The Sonore Power Chord Supports are 3D printed from Pro PLA filament and sized to be compatible with standard type NEMA 5-15R and NEMA 5-20R receptacles. The Supports come in duplex or quad outlet versions with one, two, three and four cups.

I installed hospital grade outlets years ago which do a better job of gripping power plugs than your average outlet, but I have to admit that, over time, even my AudioQuest NRG Thunder High Current Power Cable sags some. Sigh.

See? Sag. Sigh.

The Sonore Power Chord Support Duplex One Cup version retails for $80, while the Two Cup version is $100.

Available direct from Sonore.