Question: What Are Your Favorite Sources For Reading About New Music?

7 thoughts on “Question: What Are Your Favorite Sources For Reading About New Music?

  1. Old guy with old ways: I still watch Rolling Stone for new reviews and like the paper/ink version of Q Magazine. Q has lists of “if you like ‘this,’ you might like ‘that’ and I go with it. I also read Vinyl Factory’s articles and recommendations. I think Vinyl Factory might catch your fancy in a big way! My audio friend, Alan, gives me a list of “things to check out” and then I roam The interwebs reading.

    I also use audio gear reviews to see what the reviewers used and commented upon.

    Strange confession: After reading about a record, I typically buy it rather than listen in the web. Listening to snippets or being too quick to judge with an online listen has not served me well, and I like supporting artists. Buying makes me a more ‘committed’ listener and I enjoy the cohesion of album listening. Sitting down with a disc or LP makes my relationship to the music a bit more formal and perhaps I am more attentive when entering into a new listening relationship that way. I realize it is a bit odd…but it makes my wife chuckle when I load up some physical medium and announce that ‘we have never heard this before!’

    I have learned to stream Tidal, but even that seems less intimate.

    Confession endeth

    1. Anton, thanks for the tip on Vinyl Factory I am listening to one of their Spotify playlists right now.

      I also like Uncut and Mojo (Mulvey’s Playlists at and NPR.

  2. No Friday morning is complete without checking the week’s new releases on the Boomkat site. Apart from a great selection of left field titles to buy or download they have a preview facility so you can listen to snippets.

  3. There’s so much choice nowadays that the importance of human curation has never been greater. So though I do play from time to time with algorithmic recommendation tools, I find my time is much better spent following the recommendations and suggestions of people that I trust:

    * Alex Ross, NY Times, author of The Rest is Noise, etc. – @alexrossmusic
    * Gramophone mag’s monthly choices
    * Jason Serinius, Stereophile – for his record recommendations rather than hifi reviews –
    * Tom Service – music critic on The Guardian etc. – e.g. 50 Symphonies series
    * PrestoClassical is also good place to start when looking for the “best” version of multiply-recorded works

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