1. There is a plethora of online audio related websites and my estimate is that 75% all cover the same content. I would like to see a site that follows gear closer to the fringe. Stuff made to last, stuff that breaks the rules, stuff that is as much about the passion/vision of the creator as it is about reproducing music. I love horns, SET amps, vinyl but also love the VAST library of music I get from streaming music, it has changed my relationship to audio. Even though I like low powered, glowing tubes and big ass horns, I do wonder what the latest Class D amps sound like on speakers I can relate to (horns, Spendors, DeVores, Harbethes etc)? Perhaps in a ratio of roughly 50% gear, 35% music and 15% lifestyle?

    • Yes.

      The only thing I have a teeny weeny issue with is “lifestyle”. All of this is lifestyle, imo. Our lives have style, regardless of whether we think in terms of style or not.

      Let’s agree that SETs represent a serious commitment (I have, and still, own some ;-))

  2. Hi
    First of all all the best with your new website.
    Tube driver is right, most sites tend to review the same old products.
    Why not go for some of the great rarely reviewed gear?
    How about SoundLab electrostats, DEQX Pre Amp Processor and a channel D phono preamp (maybe the new Lino D)?
    I am sure there is a nice place waiting to be filled by reviews of great rarely reviewed HiFi products.
    Looking forward to see how things pan out.

  3. Class D amps for me too. One thing I’ve noticed is that the NAD M12 is a different amp when left powed up (not standby) for a couple of days and then does not have the “slight lack of delicacy” as Stereophile put it. Would be especially interested in ones that can accept pro level input such aß from the Benchmark DACs.

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