MQA: That Sounds Good. To Me.

Some audiophiles insist on redundancy when it comes to talking about preference, believing the addition of superfluous qualifiers makes things sound more. . .scientific.

I don’t know much about science, but I know what I like. — Martin Amis

Back in November, we conducted an MQA poll that offered the following options:

I enjoy listening to MQA-encoded music
I do not like listening to MQA-encoded music
I’ve never heard MQA

Now we all know that MQA is a hotly contested subject and each time I mention MQA, even when that mention is simply part of a list of features for a new product in a News post, someone will send me an email wondering why I’m “promoting MQA?” You see, MQA has been so demonized in some sectors that you are either against it or not. Within this context, the option of being for MQA is not an option at all as this stance is viewed as akin to saying you support the Devil during holy communion.

Seeing as new MQA-equipped products and new MQA-encoded music come out all the time, I figured I’d ask a simple question – Do you enjoy listening to MQA-encoded music?

More than half of the respondents (55%) answered in the affirmative, while nearly a quarter (24%) said they did not like listening to MQA-encoded music. Nearly as many (21%) said they’d never heard MQA.

Of course context is king when it comes to surveys so I’m not really surprised by these results. I’ve never taken the stance that MQA is evil and anyone who mentions MQA without making the sign of the faux-science cross should be excommunicated.

It’s OK to enjoy MQA. You can even say, “MQA sounds good!” without adding “to me” because when we say things like “sounds good” or “tastes good”, we are necessarily voicing an opinion. And we all know no one owns the right opinion.