Moonriver Audio’s New Model 505 Hybrid Phono Stage has Got Curves

Carrying on our 78rpm focus, the new Moonriver Model 505 Phono Stage offers a passive de-emphasis circuit to play back shellacs.

The 505  offers a host of front panel controls including an input selector, Stereo/Mono switch, Gain…

…, Capacitance, separate Input Impedance controls for MM and MC cartridges, and the aforementioned two position EQ Curve toggle for playing back RIAA and Decca 78s with the proper de-emphasis curve.

Around back are a total of 4 inputs (1x XLR, 3x RCA), 3 outputs (2x RCA, 1x XLR), a Ground Lift toggle switch, and IEC inlet. Clearly the Model 505 is aimed at owners of a ‘table with more than one arm and cartridge and/or more than one ‘table. Nice.

From Moonriver:

The hybrid design combines the use of ICs and discrete solid-state circuits to form an ideal, high performance and ultra low noise circuit. While the IC op amps offer very low noise levels, a discrete circuit offers lifelike drive and dynamics which is impossible to get from IC op-amps.

The Moonriver Model 505 Phono Stage is made in Sweden and is available from authorized dealers for $5,270.

Company Website: Moonriver Audio
US Distributor Website: On A Higher Note


Inputs: 4
Minimum gain: 34dB
Maximum gain: 72 dB
Capacitance values: 100, 220, 330, 470, 680pF
MC load impedance: 10, 47, 100, 470, 1KOhm and custom
MM load impedance: 22K, 47K, 75KOhm
De-emphasis curve: RIAA and Decca or Columbia
Stereo / Mono function
XLR and RCA inputs and outputs
Separate shielding for the transformer and gain stages
Auto mute function
Dimensions (mm): 430 (W) x 390 (D) x 135 (H)
Weight: 12 kg