Bleu De Chauffe X Elipson Limited Edition Chroma X Turntable

French leather goods company Bleu De Chauffe reunited with French HiFi company Epsilon for a limited edition turntable that sports a peacock-toned leather topped birch ply plinth. I know you know I have a thing for birch ply…

…, I own a Bleu De Chauffe messenger bag, albeit in waxed cotton, and some people think my surname sounds French. Just sayin’.

The Chroma X is based on Epsilon’s belt-drive CHROMA 400 RIAA BT ‘table that includes a phono preamp, Bluetooth connectivity, and a type-B USB port for digitizing your records (I feel silly just typing that last part).

The Chroma’s carbon OTT (Orbital Torsion Tonearm) comes mounted with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for easy peasy plug ‘n play action.

Limited to just 100 unique (due to the natural variations in leather), numbered pieces, the Chroma X Turntable is available now from the Bleu De Chauffe website for $915.75.