Merason Introduces the Upgraded DAC1 Mk II D/A Converter

Over a year in the works, Switzerland’s Merason has announced the updated and upgraded version of their DAC1 in the MK II version.

I’ll make no bones about it—I’ve heard the Merason DAC1 in a number of systems of hifi shows that had me swooning, and I attribute part of that emotional response to the Merason DAC. Color me impressed. So an MKII version has my interest more than piqued.

From the press release:

Components: High precision SMD [Surface Mount Devices] components are now predominantly used throughout the design due to their superior performance characteristics. Unlike the THT [Through-Hole Technology] parts previously used, the SMD components offer a far shorter component to conductor path resulting in much lower losses. The capacitors in both low-pass filters now have a dielectric made of polystyrene, a material well proven for high performance audio applications.

Thermal concept: New in the DAC1 Mk II is a sophisticated mounting procedure of the power transistors to their individual heat sinks using custom designed disc springs. This intricate method allows for a precisely defined contact pressure, achieving optimal temperature equalization of the paired transistors. This application has dramatically reduced harmonic distortion in the signal path.

The DAC1 MKII, like the DAC1, is built around a pair of Burr Brown 1794A D/A converter modules and offers a fully balanced design with a discrete Class A output stage. With the MK II, the company reports sonic improvements on a number of fronts including greater dynamics, improved resolution, improved bass response, and more.

More good news: DAC1 owners can upgrade to the MK II version beginning next month. Contact your local dealer for more information.

The Merason DAC1 MK II D/A Converter is available now in silver, black, and cider for $8000.

Company Website: Merason
US Distributor Website: Well Pleased AV